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Our kiosk range is recognized globally by many operators as highly reliable, functional and beautiful.

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So you want to be in a Shopping Mall, or maybe an airport? Better yet, you want to be mobile and have the option to go to many locations and set up the kiosk of your dreams. Well, you’re in luck and landed on the best solution for your customizable mobile kiosk.

Customised for your needs

Do you have an extensive menu, that can change week-to-week, season to season. Tanks modular design and options enable easy adaptability to suit your needs.

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Exceptional quality kiosks

Tank Mobile Kiosks are proud to supply mobile kiosks that are of exceptional quality. We allow businesses the ability to choose from a large range of models and styles to suit their operational needs. The quality of our kiosks ensure our customers are provided with the most reliable and functional products, that will not let them down. 

Our products are trusted globally from operations seeking carts and kiosks that contribute functionality and style.

Melbourne Cricket Grounds

Melbourne Cricket Grounds approached us to serve them with exceptional quality kiosks to meet the needs of their ground visitors.


Our kiosks assist major supermarket chain Woolworths in enhancing the quality services they offer to customers.

Costa Coffee

Our kiosks assist UK coffee chain Costa Coffee in providing delicious, frothy coffee to the community.


Melbourne Cricket Grounds




Costa Coffee

Who we work with

In 2010 Pacific Coffee needed a short term solution to use whilst they renovated one of their existing coffee shop locations. Tank Mobile kiosks were able to provide a mobile solution that still enabled them to set up a coffee kiosk in front of the location to be renovated, thus allowing them to continue to trade.

Pacific Coffee Company

In September 2012, Legoland opened business in Malaysia. Tank Mobile Kiosks supplied more than 10 sets of Kiosk throughout the parks facilities with a variety of configurations tailored to the parks needs.

Johor, MalaysiaLegoland

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Australia’s Coffee Culture

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Build your own kiosk

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