About Us

We are a kiosk company specializing in mobile and modular merchandising systems for a variety of applications. We are based out of Hong Kong, but have stellar representatives across the globe to help you & your businesses needs.

Whether you’re just starting out in your mobile kiosk venture or interested in adding another side to your business, we’ve got solutions to help your company and the right mobile tools to make it happen with success.

History of Tank

The development of Tank Mobile Kiosks began in the late 1990’s, after which our carts won the prestigious global Business Concept Award (MOOT) in Austin, Texas, USA in May, 2000.

The Tank Mobile Kiosks were quickly recognized for their unique design, quality build and superb functionality.

In September 2000, the Australian Federal Government demonstrated a Gullwing Kiosk at Business Club Australia, an event run in conjunction with the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

Since then, our kiosk range has grown and is recognized globally by many operators as highly reliable, functional and beautiful.

Our Amazing Partners & Affiliates